Day 1,274 of living with Jared and Sara: It’s ya boy, Morty! The sun has been out more and more lately! When our humans walk through the door, they no longer bring gusts of nasty cold air into the house! So much to be excited about! It’s the best! – Mortimer

Day 1,284: Mortimer has been extra hyper lately. Not sure why. It might be related to all that white stuff on the ground being gone…I do have to admit that it’s extra nice laying by the window in the sunlight and not having to see that stuff outside! Whatever it is. – Jake

Day 1,285: Something kinda weird happened today! I had just finished breakfast and was minding my own business when Jared started to pet me, but this petting was like….very scrutinizing and different? It seemed like he was checking between my toes and behind my ears for something. It was odd!!! 10/10 did not enjoy. I heard him say something to Sara about how “even indoor cats can get ticks” so they need to “be careful”. Who knows what it means!!! – Mortimer

Day 1,288: Soooo, Mort’s been a bit on edge for the last few days. Spaz King strikes again! Apparently Jared interrogated him about “indoor ticks with careful cats” the other day…who knows what he’s talking about. I’m more interested in this awesome and huge flower bouquet Sara brought home yesterday! It looks like sooo much fun to chew on. She placed it super high up, in a spot that’s tough to reach. I heard her call it an “Easter lily”. When she put it in this ridiculous location that NOBODY can reach, she turned to Mort and I and said, “It’s pretty but it is toxic to you two, so don’t eat it, please!” We make no guarantees, Sar! – Jake

Day 1,291: Today’s the worst.  Tried to get at the Easter lily and couldn’t. Jared finally interrogated me about indoor ticks with careful cats and it was annoying. Whatever. Just writing to say BOO HISS, Dear Diary. – Jake

Day 1,291: Feelin’ bad for old Jakie boy. He’s in a mood after Jared body searched him. I know what will cheer him up, though…I was just spying on Jared and Sara and heard them talking about this whole tick situation. Apparently ticks are tiny bugs that can make us really sick! They can hitch a ride on people coming and going into our house, and if Jake or I come across them, they could hide themselves in our fur!!!! How nasty is that!? Jared’s a good dad for checking us to make sure these creepers aren’t lurking on us. I’m gonna go tell Jake so he’s not so mad at him…– Mortimer

Day 1,292: I’ve found my chill since yesterday. Thankfully. Morty gave me the inside scoop on ticks and why Jared checked us. I guess I was wrong for being rude about it, since it’s for our health….*achoo!* OMG what was that!!!! I’m sitting here with Sara and Jared and she just said, “Bless you! Maybe Jakie has seasonal allergies? We should bring him to see Dr. Heather.” First they don’t share their Easter chocolate with Mort and I – because apparently THAT is toxic too – now we have to go to the vet!? Dr. Heather is very nice and friendly, but why is my life so hard?! – Jake

Day 1,292: LOL I’m looking over at Jake right now and he seems sooooo unimpressed with Sara and Jared. He’s been itching his eyes for the last few days and now he sneezes, and he wonders why mom and dad want to bring him to the doctor? Too funny! And people think I’M the spaz….– Mortimer

PS - Jake and I heard that Glanbrook Veterinary Services was named the #1 Best Vet Clinic in Hamilton Region and that Dr. McGowan was named the #1 Best Veterinarian in Hamilton Region in the 2017 Hamilton Community News Readers' Choice Awards! Happy for the team and love Dr. Heather but I demand a recount!....because I'm sassy like that. – Mort 

The entire Glanbrook Vet Services Team wishes you and your four-legged family members a happy and safe Spring! If you’d like to come in to discuss tick prevention, assess whether your pet may have allergies or learn more about toxic dangers unique to this time of year, contact us today!