Today our day started at SAGA Humane Society, which was our first look at the facilties here. In total, they have 82 animals in residence currently... 82!!! Seeing all of the animals they are taking amazing care of there is truly inspiring. We walked in with Meestor (who will hopefully be my future child), and they gladly welcomed him with open arms. Dr. Heather will be neutering him and some other sweet animals tomorrow! After visiting SAGA we continued to our first school presentation at ACES school. Our presentation was focused on how to properly treat and care for your animals, and promoting the SAGA Humane Society. We were presenting to students from ages 7-9 years old. We started with our presentation and eventually ended up listening to everyone's heartbeats with Heather and I's stethoscopes which was so amazing seeing the looks on the children's faces. We finished with playing a game of tag which was so so fun connecting with the kids. So fun!! We then had a little break which we spent poolside until our next school presentation at Holy Cross school. We did three separate presentations to three different age groups ranging from 4-11 years old, totalling around 400 kids we spoke to today. So many many happy faces. After our presentations we headed back to have some relax time and have an amazing dinner made by Judy, Heather's mom. Tomorrow we start our first full day working at the SAGA Humane Society doing spay and neuters, and helping in any way we can. We are so excited to see what tomorrow brings, stay tuned... :)