Our last day at Saga. We soaked up every moment. When we arrived this morning, we found a small puppy that  had been left in an outside kennel overnight. He was completely covered in sores and scabs and missing most of his hair....a pretty classic presentation of Demodectic Mange. However, the last case I diagnosed presented as just an itchy dog (a few weeks ago at GVS). This poor guy was crawling with Demodex - they were destroying him. We quickly examined him and bathed him to make him more comfortable. We warmed him up and placed him on iv fluids (luckily we had just donated an iv fluid pump). Because his skin was so badly damaged, the catheters did not stay in well. I ended up placing a catheter in the dark behind the reception desk, with the light of Crystal's phone. Really a situation I never thought I would find myself in. We named him Trooper, however, Trooper lost his battle with mange earlier this evening. Not a lovely end to our last day. Sorry we couldn't save you Trooper. The rest of our day was filled with TNR (trap neuter release) cats. Saga set several traps yesterday and collected them this morning, bringing us the results. We neutered and spayed all of the cats and they were released later today. My last appointment of the day was a lovely dog with Lungworm? Possibly? He has been coughing for a while, but nothing seems to be helping. Because they don't have access to an xray machine (well the only one on the island is currently in need of repair), I suggested a treatment for Lungworm and if this doesn't help, he will be taking a trip to the mainland for some xrays. Its amazing again, how spoiled I am. At home, I would just take an xray to diagnose this poor guy. Here.....we run through the list of possible diagnoses and go with the most likely first. I have attached a picture of the "shi-poo" that I mentioned yesterday....Crystal named him Muffin :). We finished off our day by having a great dinner at a place called Sand Bar. Dr. Johen and his girlfriend Michelle, and the technician Ingrid, joined us for delicious pizza at "Sand Bar" on the beach. It was delicious!!! Rebecca and I just sat under the stars for a bit, enjoying our final hours....I think we are going to get up early and go for an early morning Kayak to end our trip off right! Our flight to the mainland leaves at 11am. Stay tuned for my summary blog tomorrow :)