Another absolutely stunning day here in Belize. I just got in from sitting under the stars with the dogs, on the beach......its a rough life I lead :). It is amazing to me how I can look up at the sky, the same sky I know that you all are looking at....and yet we are so far away in more ways than one. The scenery may be breathtaking, the weather gorgeous, and the sand as white as it comes.....but the struggle is real down here. Today we finished up some more surgeries, including a 90lb St. Bernard that had puppies 8 weeks ago, and I had to stand on my tip toes the entire surgery (funny that I'm so short, but not so funny that I am spoiled with my surgery table at home that moves up and down depending on what I need). Rebecca and I treated a poor little "Shi-poo?" that was surrendered when he was found passed out on the beach. He was completely matted and covered in a chemical that is no longer allowed on the island. It is used for "bugs", but the locals mix it with water and spray it on dogs to de-louse them. This poor little guy was intoxicated :(. We bathed him to get rid of the smell, the mud, the dirt, the maggots.....and then we shaved him down. Hoping that he is feeling much better by the time we get to work in the morning. At lunch time today we were treated to a deliciously cold Fanta soda, by the Saga assistant Zair, an adorable 16 y.o. boy who is working all day, going to school at night, and hoping to become a veterianarian one day. He even trekked across town to get us hot water to make our ramen noodles for lunch....thats right, no means of making hot water at the humane society. I feel more and more spoiled by the second. I know for sure after today, that I will be back here soon, to help in any way that I can. P.S. I was much more comfortable in surgery today....I constructed a new method of doing my spays which helps control the bleeding much better....making me less stressed. Win for all!