Our drive in this morning was definitely different from yesterdays....we stopped to pick up Alex (the unwell dog that was laying on the street). We had to knock on what appeared to be a deserted building. A man peered out from behind a sheet of wood, and told us we could take the dog for help. So off we went to work. Dr. Johen, the newest member of the SAGA team, all the way from Holland, looked at Alex today while I did surgery. I am looking forward to an update tomorrow. We quickly got to work this morning, finishing off the surgeries that we did not get to complete yesterday. My mom treated us and the rest of the SAGA team to iced coffees (Thanks Mom!) and had the priviledge of walking several dogs from "FORT DOG" that are currently up for adoption. i have to say that the surgeries down here are far more challenging. Every dog has tick diseases, that cause them to bleed more than normal, which makes important tissues harder to visualize, more slippery, and overall more difficult! I'm hoping tomorrow will be a better surgery day for me. Our afternoon was very exciting. We had the opportunity to swim with sharks just outside of Hol Chan, which is a channel near the barrier reef. Truly an amazing experience......we were literally surrounded by nurse sharks! Our day finished with a trip into San Pedro for a traditional belizean dinner at El Fogon. Our dinners were delicious and I quote from Crystal "That was literally the best fish I have ever had!". We visited a few souvenir shops and then travelled back to the resort, stopping at the "The Truck Stop", a local bar that shows movies, and has several food trucks sampling different ethnicities. We also met a roaming pregnant black cat there, who sat with us for a while, while we enjoyed our drinks. Made me miss my own two black cats, Buddy and Pete.