Today was our very first day working at the Saga Humane Society. We all awoke this morning excited and a bit nervous on what to expect from our first day. Dr. Heather was assigned a large list of spay and neuter surgeries to complete, with a very minimal list of supplies. Amazing how we take for granted the luxuries we have been blessed with. We quickly found a rhythm that worked for the three of us, and had a blast meeting all the animals, and staff members we were working with today. Every patient got a pedicure after surgery, as well as a flea and tick preventative medication, and a full body check for ticks....YUCK!

We took our lunch break by the beach, after performing 5 surgical procedures in the morning. For the afternoon, we were feeling tired but rejuvinated! We performed 4 more surgical procedures, including Meestor's neuter!

We left Saga at around 4:30pm with little Meestor in towe. We had accomplished a lot today working as a great team!

On our drive back to our villa's we spotted a dog that we've noticed several times before, always laying in the same spot in front of a shop. We decided we wanted to find out more about this poor unfortunate looking creature. We learned that his name is Alex, and that he is in fact unwell. His owner says that he has a heart condition, and Alex clearly had a very bad eye infection in both of his eyes. Alex was very under weight and not wanting to eat at all. We had spoke with the owner and will try to arrange in the morning to pick Alex up to bring him to Saga for an examination. We also learned a local myth for treating animals.....if your dog isn't eating, apparently a string of sliced lime is supposed to help!?!?! If all else fails, seek medical attention I guess.