Our day began with snorkeling in the Coral Garden, followed by a trip to the island of Caye Caukler. We were very proud of Rebecca, who was terrified to swim in the sea....but jumped in and snorkeled like a pro! What a beautiful experience. We walked around the island and stumbled upon the Caye Caulker Animal Shelter. It was our first close up encounter with the "potlickers" of Belize. They were all very gentle, and almost appreciative of being noticed. Our day ended with a lovely dinner with part of the SAGA team, at the Palapa Bar. During our dinner, an abandoned dog found his way to our table....luckily. By our last bites, he was snuggling with Rebecca and we had named him "Meestor" (to be pronounced with a spanish accent :)). He is now sleeping on the mat by our front door, in our villa. Tomorrow we head to the local schools to do some education on the humane  treatment of animals.